46+ Marvelous A Wooden House that’s Simple on the Outside but Modern on the Inside

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Cottage – Image Source : binbirders.com

Wooden houses are identified with simplicity, although it’s undeniable that the price of wood material nowadays is not cheap. Wood itself is said to be simple because it’s often found in rural areas with simple cultures.

On the other hand, urban areas are identified with modernity—walls of cement and concrete. However, that doesn’t mean that those of you who live in cities cannot make wooden houses. You can either build a wooden house or apply wooden interior that are simple, chic, and modern.

Today, we will show you a simple but modern wooden house designed by Dwarf for all of you who live in both urban and rural area.

Simple Facade
This house facade is simple, functional, clean, and tidy. The carport with a high wooden roof is also functioned as a terrace.

Bright Terrace
The white color makes the terrace brighter. The folding door is an interesting idea as a partition which connects this are to the inside of the house. There’s also a simple staircase as an access to the second floor terrace.

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Johannad Carol